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High Desert Little League Est. 1977

High Desert Little League Est. 1977

ALL-Stars / Tournaments

2024 TOPS Schedule - June 3-7
2024 TOPS Bracket -2024 TOPS Bracket
2024 TOPS Rules - TOPS Rules 2024.pdf

2024 TOC Schedule - May 20-22 . High Desert Little League Fields Anthem
2024 TOC Bracket - TOC Bracket

2024 DISTRICT All-Star Information - Tournament Dates and Locations AZ District 3
Baseball Tournaments:
8/9/10 Baseball begins 6/19. Location: Cactus Horizon LL fields 8/9/10 Bracket
9/10/11 Baseball begins 6/19. Location: Cactus Horizon LL fields 9/10/11 Bracket
Little League Baseball begins 6/26. Location: Cactus Foothills fields LL Bracket
50/70 Baseball begings 6/21. Location Shadow Mountain LL fields 50/70 Bracket

2024 STATE All Star Information - Tournament Dates and Locations: AZ State LL

Baseball Tournaments: 
8-10 Year Old Tournament | District 14 | Host Site: McQueen & Crossroads Park | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 13th
9-11 Year Old Tournament | District 4 | Host Site: Maricopa  | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 13th
Little League (10-12 Year Old) Tournament | District 8 | Host Site: Sierra Vista | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 15th
Juniors Tournament | District 2 | Host Site: Goodyear | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 19th

Softball Tournament: 
8-10 Year Old Tournament | District 7 | Host Site: Quail Run Park | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 6th  
9-11 Year Old Tournament | District 9 | Host Site: Kingman or Mahove Valley | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 12th  
Little League (10-12 Year Old) Tournament | District 3| Host Site: Verde Valley | Format: Double Elimination | Start Date: July 6th

2024 All-Stars Frequently Asked Questions

What is All-Stars?
All-Stars is the highly competitive post-season tournament play sanctioned by Little League International.

Who is eligible for All-Stars?
Any player league age 8 or older who is currently registered for Juniors, Majors, AAA Minors, AA Minors (baseball); and Majors or Minor Player Pitch (softball) is eligible. To be eligible, players must be league age 8 or older, attended one season tryout, and have participated in a minimum of 8 of his/her team's regular season games for majors division and below or 6 of his/her team’s regular season games for juniors. All players MUST live (between 2/1/2023 and 2/1/2024) or attend a school (enrolled by 10/1/2023) located within District Boundaries; or have obtained a waiver from the LL Charter Committee. 

How many teams does HDLL field for All-Stars?
Available divisions to nominate for are shown below. Formation of teams depends on the number of nominations received (HDLL may not field a team at every level). If unsure of which team to nominate your player for, please refer to the suggestions noted in parenthesis next to each level. Actual team placement is determined by the All-Star Committee.


     Juniors: League ages 13/14 (Juniors division players)
50/70 Intermediate: League ages 11/12/13 
     Little League: League ages 10/11/12 (Majors division players)
     Minors: League ages 9/10/11 (Majors and Minors AAA division players)
     Minors: League ages 8/9/10 (Majors, Minors AAA and AA division players)
     TOPS: League ages 8-9 (Minors AAA, AA and Machine Pitch division players)


     Majors: League ages 10/11/12 (Majors division players) 
Minors: League ages 8/9/10  and 9/10/11 (Majors and Minors division players)

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment for All-Stars is significant. Teams typically practice 4+ days per week for about two hours at a time. Players should be available for all practices and games. When nominating your player, please list ALL dates that your family will be out of town or otherwise unavailable to participate in All-Stars practices. If conflicts exist with games, then your player will be ineligible for the All-Stars team.

How does the All-Stars selection process work?
Any eligible player wanting to be considered for All-Star selection completes, with his/her family, the on-line All-Star nomination. Typically registration opens in late April and closes in early May. Nominations are then reviewed by the player agent and members of the HDLL board of directors to ensure completeness. 
Tryouts for all ages will be conducted on May 15th (Juniors, LA12, and LA11) and 16th (LA10, LA 9/8 and all SB). The schedule for tryouts will be released as soon as it is available. If your player is unable to attend tryouts, you MUST email the player agent as soon as possible. 
The All Star Committee and Managers will meet on Wednesday, May 17th to finalize the rosters. 

When will we find out if our player has been selected?
There are strict requirements governing when All-Star rosters can be released. No person participating in the selection process is permitted to disclose whether a player was or was not selected for All-Stars before the date prescribed by Little League International. For 2024, that date is May 15. Players will be notified on May 17th. Most teams will begin practicing right away.
If selected, you will receive an email from the SportsConnect system with instructions on how to accept and pay the All Star Fee. 

When do practices begin?
Practice schedules will be released the week of May 15. Teams can expect to begin practice that week and should receive information from their Team Manager.

Who coaches/manages the All-Stars teamsThe All Star Committee will accept applications for All Star Managers in April. Managers and Assistant coaches in same divisions are eligible to apply. The Managers, once selected by the Board of Directors, nominate Assistant and Practice coaches of their choice for consideration by the Board. 

What is the cost to participate in an All-Star team?
The 2024 All Star fee has not been established as yet, but families should expect to pay around $100 per All-Star player to assist with costs. In addition, families can expect to purchase new baseball/softball pants, socks and belt for their All-Star player. Uniform jerseys/hats and practice uniforms/hats will be provided. Games are held throughout Maricopa County and across the state of Arizona. If teams are eligible for Regional play and beyond, out of state travel may be required. For long distance travel, families can expect a small amount of travel costs to get to and from games.

How long does the All-Stars season last?
That really depends on how well the team does in the tournament. Our Juniors teams could play through the middle of August and our Majors teams could play through the end of August. Our 9/10/11 and 8/9/10 teams could play until mid-July. Our TOPS team will play a one week tournament, historically in early June.


2024 All Star Team Rosters

Manager: Kaine Fisher  Assistant: Josh Krantz  Assistant: Dennis Holman
Landon Fisher Parker Holman Henry Silos
Vincent Krantz Kade Howard Preston May
Bryce Raley Vincent Silvestri Jace Synder
Carsen Jackson Noah Stilwell Camden Yousef
Santiago Zamora 

BB 8/9/10
Manager: Brandon Sebek Assistant: Adam O'Halloran Assistant: Josh Jenkins
Easton Clement Emerson Jacobs Jacob Jenkins
Blaine Kuhn Blake O'Halloran Clyde Pratt
Micah Sebek Greyson Shepard Ben Turner
Brayden Williams Grayden Zastrow Finnigan Fay

BB 9/10/11
Manager: Tony Bouie Assistant: Jason Johnson Assistant: Pedro Saldana
Tate Cha Emmanual Bouie Tanner Dooley
Raymond Fay Jayden Wilham Sawyer Lake
Lincoln Marshall Wyatt Patrick Luis Saldana
Jude Victor Jaxon Waddell Chance Warnstedt

BB LL 10/11/12
Manager: Joe Pratt Assistant: Ben Grindel Assistant: Matt Mills
Alexander Grindel Bradley Heavner Carson Meighan
Tyler Mills Bentley Pater Dalton Pounds
Clayton Pratt Adriel Carrillo Colin Rosca
Zackary Miller Jaxon Wells Brady FahndrichBB

BB 50/70
Manager: Conor Stilwell Assistant: David Boothe Assistant: Jeremy Baumgartner
Nathan Stillwell Tommy Stilwell Lucas Hutchison
Kainin Cruz Dylan Boothe Aydan Bowen
Jeremy Locke Tyler Kushner Jaycob Wood
Dean Baumgartner Jax Marshall

Past All-Star Team Information

2023 All Star Team Rosters
TOPS - 2023 Champions
Manager:  Brandon Sebek Assistant: Adam O'Halloran Assistant: Josh Jenkins
Blake O'Halloran Micah Sebek Easton Clement
Clyde Pratt Jacob Jenkins Emerson Jacobs
Greyson Shepard Brayden Williams Kade Howard
Finnigan Fay Joaquin Silos Nolan Schroeder

BB 8/9/10
Manager:  Tony Bouie Assistant: Kurt Warnstedt Assistant: Jason Johnson
Luis Saldana Logan Larson Dylan Boothe
Chance Warnstedt Karter Wheeler Leroy Pruitt, III
Jackson Von Tersch Sawyer Lake Emmanuel Bouie
Jayden Wilham Wyatt Patrick Jaxon Waddell
Tate Cha

BB 9/10/11
District 3 Champions
Manager:  Joe Pratt Assistant: Matt Mills Assistant:  Matt Meighan
Adriel Carrillo Bentley Pater Clayton Pratt
Tyler Mills Alexander Grindel Carson Meighan
Dalton Pounds Hudson Willing Kainin Cruz
Colin Rosca Blake Skoglund Vincenzo Bruno

BB LL (10/11/12)
Manager: Rustin Eikleberry Assistant: Steve Daulton Assistant: Michael Hunn
Oliver Carter Devon Schambach Anders Jarvi
Vincenzo Hunn Vaughn Jaschke Quaid Sullivan
Derek Hale Bradie Eikelberry Ezekiel Daulton
Rylan Milks Liam Moody Kaden Oberbroeckling
Jackson Morganegg Chance del Prado

2022 All-Star Team Rosters

TOPS - District 3 Champions
Manager: Joe Pratt Assistant: Josh Jenkins Assistant: Ed Buringrud
Dylan Boothe Emmanuel Bouie Jacob Jenkins
Tanner Lenz Blake OHalloran Wyatt Patrick
Clyde Pratt Micah Sebek Chance Warnstedt
Karter Wheeler

BB 8/9/10
Manager: Matt Mills Assistant: Ben Grindel Assistant: Joe Pratt
Alex Grindel Clayton Pratt Tyler Mills
Colin Rosca Jaxon Wells Carson Meighan
Alex Carrillo Zachary Miller Dalton Pounds
Jackson von Tersch Leroy Pruitt III Jaxson Karlson

BB 9/10/11
Manager: Rustin Eikleberry Assistant: Steve Daulton Assistant: Michael Hunn
Zeke Daulton Chance del Prado Bradie Eikleberry
Thomas Huebsch Enzo Hunn Anders Jarvi
Vaughn Jaschke Rylan Milks Liam Moody
Bentley Pater Wyatt Pounds Devon Schambach
Quaid Sullivan

BB LL (10/11/12) - District 3 Champions
Manager: John Osborn Assistant: Michael Nichols Assistant: Brad Pater
Nash Bielke Malachi Bouie Michael Carbone
Jett Colaw Derek Crawford Dylan Crawford
Gabe Gutierrez Derek Hale Logan Nichols
Matthew Robinson KC Ryan Andrew Uhlenhake
Ryan Vaughn, Jr

BB Junior (13/14)
Manager: BJ Harlan Assistant: Joe Long
Alex Arechavaleta Carter Berdiner Pedro Carrillo
Aiden Corby Ashton Ferreira Logan Harlan
Jackson Huebsch Gage Kisiel Carson Nance
Payton Seidman Benjamin Ungar

SB 8/9/10
Manager: Ed Buringrud Assistant: Tyler Thurman Assistant: Reese Penrod
Hartley Buringrud Kaelyn Diebold Madison Dobberstein
Reagan Eull Ginger Gallinger Jaiden Gomez
Cameryn Gravel  Rylee Jackson Delaney Penrod
Gianna Rugen Paisley Thurman Haven Ward

2021 All Star Rosters

Manager: Matt Mills Assistant: Joe Pratt Assistant: Brad Pater
Erik Carlisle Nolan Cunningham Clayton Pratt
Alex Grindel Carson Meighan Tyler Mills
Bentley Pater Colin Rosca Jude Victor
Jackson VonTersch Jaxon Wells Harper Wheeler

BB 8/9/10
Manager: Rustin Eikleberry Assistant: Michael Hunn Assistant: Steve Daulton
Oliver Carter Zeke Daulton Bradie Eikleberry
Derek Hale Thomas Huebsch Vincenzo Hunn
Anders Jarvi Vaughn Jaschke Rylan Milks
Jaiden Rodriguez Devon Schambach Jacob Strang
Quaid Sullivan

BB 9/10/11 - District 3 Champions

Manager: Aaron Wheeler Assistant: Ryan Robinson Assistant: Michael Nichols
Nash Bielke Michael Carbone Derek Crawford
Dylan Crawford Everett Cunningham Gabe Gutierrez
Christian Guzman Caleb Meighan Logan Nichols
Matthew Robinson  Andrew Uhlenhake Quinn Wheeler
Asher Whisler

BB LL - District 3 Champions

Manager: Ray Montes Assistant: Rob Ogborne Assistant: Brian Sheets
Konnor Boop Drew Boyd Bryce Briggs
Jace Galvin Michael Gyde Kellen Macias
Sal Montes Easton Morgan Camden Ogborne
Clayton Sheets Owen Tsau Ren Wallace
Brayden Wells

BB 50/70 - District 3 Champions
Manager: BJ Harlan Assistant: Chris Parrish Assistant: Charlie Huebsch
Alex Arechavaleta Carter Berdiner Aiden Corby
William Fisher Logan Harlan Jackson Huebsch
Gage Kisiel Sebastian Lehr Jack Parrish
Payton Seidman Noah Uhlenhake Benjamin Ungar
Michael Verdugo Ayden Walker

SB 8/9/10
Manager: Geoff Lewelling Assistant: Nick Malave Assistant: Nathan Kroeger
Juliette Deras Bella Harman Isabelle Hernandez
Eden Kroegen Triniti Lehr Addison Lewelling
Neveah Macias Annabelle Malave Kennedy McCabe
Ryan McVey Savannah Milliner Isabella Montes


 2020 All-Star tournaments were canceled.

2019 LL Team
Manager: John Duran Assistant: Andrew MacHugh Assistant: David Millett
Gavin Lee Huston Legare Jaxon MacHugh
Davis Nichols Thomas Pascanu Gage Revere
Austin Salow Brock Boyse Enzo Commer
Andrew Duran Andrew Engram Anthony Francini
Samuel Gallo Chase Gilmore

2019 9-10-11 Team
Manager: Gary Russo Assistant: Joel Franklin Assistant: Jay Richardson
Andrew Martin Mason Meyer Trenton Pater
Noah Rodriguez Noah Russo Ren Wallace
Luke Watkins Adrian Blanco Drew Boyd
Hudson Burnett Lucas Decker Colt Eikleberry
Titus Franklin Drew Lewelling

2019 8-9-10 Team - District 3 Champions
Manager: Ray Montes Assistant: Brian Sheets Assistant: Mike Gyde
Easton Morgan Camden Ogborne Jonathan Orr
Clayton Sheets Jack Siebenbrodt Owen Tsau
Brayden Wells Bryce Briggs Ashton Ferreira
Jace Galvin Mike Gyde Kellen Macias
Sal Montes

2019 TOPS Team
Manager: Ryan Robinson Assistant: Rustin Eikleberry Assistant: Tom Monson
Rylan Milks Ryan Miller Mac Monson                       Jackson Morganegg Logan Nichols Matthew Robinson
Michael Carbone Derek Crawford Dylan Crawford Bradie Eikleberry Braden Grindel Derek Hale

2019 Softball LL Team
Manager: Kori Williams Assistant: Lindsay Robinson Assistant: Edward McCabe
Jamie Kuzmiak Bailey McCabe Mia Pawlows
Faith Robinson Selah Schulze Cameron Wilcox
Emma Williams Brooke Burrow Kylie Chapman
Kendalyn Cook Kiarah Delgado Avery Gurr
Elizabeth Hough

2019 Softball 8-9-10 Team
Manager: Travis Trexler Assistant: Cassity Trexler Assistant: Shayne Jones
McKenzie Hernandez Katelyn Jemsek Brekyn Jones
Ava Lopez Chrissy Mersino Madison Sanders
Robin Trexler Mckayla Chapman Lily Darnell
Koelle Dietrich Madison Ellis Ellie Engram
Lauren Grunert


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