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High Desert Little League Est. 1977

High Desert Little League Est. 1977

High Desert Little League Safety

A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Plan

Long the pacesetter in youth sports safety, Little League has taken the lead with the development of the Little League A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Plan. With the help of several sponsors, Little League has developed an ASAP network of more than 5,600 safety officers working together for safety.  ASAP is a part of the Little League's Child Protection program and provides local leagues with direction for best practices designed to make the Little League experience enjoyable and healthy for all participants. This grass roots program is comprised of the on communication of ideas and procedures to enhance the experience relating to safety. Leagues across the country contribute their safety ideas in the ASAP News, a colorful monthly newsletter.  Safety officers can then find out what their peers are doing to make things “safer for the kids.”  A safety officer in Georgia may see what a Nebraska league did to maintain safety during a heat wave.  A safety officer in California whose concession stand is less than orderly may use the plan for concession stand safety submitted by a New Jersey league.  Introduced in 1994, ASAP has already increased Little League’s overall safety awareness and reduced insurance costs for participating leagues. This summer, the annual ASAP Awards will recognize the leagues with the best safety program.

HDLL will annually develop and submit their ASAP Plan to Little League Headquarters as part of their annual chartering requirements. This ASAP Plan will promote a safe environment for its participants and volunteers.

Safety Plan:

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Safety Posters
Warm Up Stretch
Wash Hands
Safe Catcher
Keep it Clean
Drink Poster
Don't Swing It
Coach Inspection


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