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High Desert Little League Est. 1977

High Desert Little League Est. 1977

High Desert Little League FAQ

What is the HDLL mailing address?
3655 W Anthem Way
Suite A-109-228
Anthem AZ, 85086

Can I use an old Little League bat for this season?
Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use prior to January 1, 2018 are no longer acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity. Read more information here.  2018 Little League Bat Standard Change

When is registration?
Registration for the Spring Season typically opens in November and runs through mid-January.  Registration for Fall Ball typically opens in July and closes around mid-August .  Please visit our website for specific registration dates.

What if we missed registration?
If you missed registration, there is a late registration process which will include a late fee.  Late registrations are accepted and added to a wait list.  Late registrants are only added on an "as needed" basis.  Please make every attempt to sign up in person or online during the designated registration period.

When are games scheduled?
Practices for the Spring Season typically start in February.  The Spring Season usually kicks off with games in early March and runs through May. The Fall Ball season usually starts in late August and games are played from late September through Thanksgiving.

Do we play on Sundays? 
Games on are not typically played on Sunday. However, an occasional make-up game may be rescheduled on a Sunday and we make every effort to obtain the approval of the two team managers. Sometimes teams opt to have practices on Sundays as well as most fields are readily available. 

What is included with my registration? 
Players will receive a team jersey and hat.  Registration fees also includes the cost of field rental, equipment, and umpires for the divisions which require them, as long as they are available for hire.  Players will need to provide their own helmet, bat, glove, socks, belt and pants.  If you find that you are in need of any equipment, HDLL does have a small supply of equipment it can loan out.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.  

What is the refund policy?
High Desert Little League only offers a refund if the League is advised before the first practice for T-ball & Coach Pitch; and before Tryouts for Minors, Majors, Juniors, Seniors, and all Softball.

Why does HDLL do background checks on all volunteers? 
In order to protect the safety of our children, HDLL processes all volunteers using a thorough background check (criminal and sex offender in all states). 

Why can't players take warm-up swings outside of the dugout?
Over the years Little League has found that the likelihood for injuries to players is greatly reduced if players stay in the dugout.

When are Tryouts?  (Spring Season Only) 
Tryouts are also referred to as Player Evaluations, since every child that wants to participate in Little League is allowed to play. Player Evaluations for Coach Pitch Minors, AA, AAA, & Majors, Softball Minors and Majors, are typically held in January, just after the registration period has ended. 

What are Player Evaluations?  (Spring Season Only)
A Player Evaluation is a method for measuring the skill of a player. This allows each manager to assess each player’s potential and make an informed decision as they assemble their team during the draft process (Coach Pitch Minors, AA Minors, AAA Minors, Majors, Juniors, Seniors and all Softball only). 

Local Little League Rules State:  (Spring Season Only) 
Qualified players may tryout for a higher level but are not guaranteed of being drafted at that level. 
A “qualified” player must be league age 10 for Majors; 9 for AAA Minors, 8 for AA Minors and 6 (or 5, with at least one year of Little League T-Ball) for Coach Pitch Minors.

What is the "Draft"?   (Spring Season Only)
The draft process is a method in which the managers select their teams. There are specific rules mandated by Little League International that we must follow as part of our charter. During a division draft, each manager is given a list of eligible players from which to select. Selection is made in a "serpentine process" where Manager #1 picks a player, then Manager #2 and so on until the last manager has picked a player. This ends a "draft round" and the process reverses, with the last manager starting the next round. This continues until all teams have selected a pre-determined number of players. 

What if I, as a parent, want my player on a specific team?
At the Minors (Machine Pitch/Coach Pitch, AA and AAA), Majors, and Juniors/Seniors levels, no requests are taken. All players are drafted. We do request that managers draft siblings together, though it is not required. Requests for tee ball should be sent to [email protected]

Why was my player not picked in a higher division?  (Spring Season Only)
Each manager drafts their team from the list of eligible player candidates. The reason for the skills evaluation is for each manager to have a reasonable basis for making an informed choice as to which players to select. There is usually a large pool of talented players from which to choose. For example, in the Majors each manager is required to draft as follows:  First, all 12 year old players are drafted.  Second, any remaining players who played in Majors the previous year are drafted.  If the division has 6 teams of 12 players for a total of 72 player positions, the total 12 year old and returning players could exceed 50 players. This leaves only 22 positions to be filled by 11 or 10 year old players, while there may be more than 120 10 and 11 year old players to choose from.

What if I don't attend Player Evaluations?  (Spring Season Only)
Players that do not participate in tryouts are restricted to which division they may play: 8 year olds will play in Machine Pitch (Baseball) / Coach Pitch (Softball) Minors; 9 and 10 year olds will play in AA; 11 year olds will play in AAA; 12 year olds will play in Majors. In addition, players who do not complete a tryout may forfeit their eligibility for ALL-STAR consideration.  AA, AAA, Majors, and Juniors players who do not attend tryouts will be selected by hat-pick only.

Do I have to sell raffle tickets?
Players are asked to participate in the HDLL Fundraiser by selling 10 raffle tickets for $10 each. This is the only fundraiser HDLL will ask you to support during the Spring Season. Great prizes go to the winning ticket holders!


High Desert Little League
3655 W Anthem Way, Suite A-109-228
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