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High Desert Little League: Forms and Handouts

Forms for all Seasons: Spring or Fall

Little League "Basic" Volunteer Application
Parent Code of Conduct Form
- Medical Release
- Safety Plan 2023
Fall 2023 - Quick Reference Guide - BASEBALL
Fall 2023 - Quick Reference Guide - SOFTBALL

- Incident Injury Form
2024 Baseball League Age Chart
2024 Softball League Age Chart
- Residency Eligibility Requirements
- Proof of Age 

School Enrollment Form

If you don't find the form you are looking for, please go to: LittleLeague.Org: Forms and Publications - Little League

 Please Read The Following Information If you are a Volunteer or planning to Volunteer.

Adults wishing to volunteer must register for each season. There is no fee for registering to Volunteer, but you MUST complete the Volunteer Registration through the High Desert Little League website and a NATIONWIDE background check using the JDP system. If you are considering volunteering as a coach, manager, team parent/helper, or anything that puts you in direct contact with the children, you must register as volunteer. You will not be permitted to help on the field unless you have done so.

Little League® International has long been committed to the safety of its players, families, and volunteers, both on and off the field. To that end, all local Little League programs in the United States are required to conduct national criminal background checks, in addition to a search of the Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry, for each volunteer with regular service to the league or repetitive access to children.

Little League® International's new background check provider, J.D. Palatine (JDP), which has access to more than 450 million records, which include criminal records and sex offender registry records across 50 states and the District of Columbia..

The JDP system also allows board members conducting the background checks to send a link to their volunteers to complete the Little League Volunteer Application online. This league board member will enter the volunteer’s information, name and email address, on the JDP website under “Quick App.” This will allow the league volunteer to complete their own volunteer application, including the social security number. The Little League Volunteer Application is tied with the background check and can be viewed on the leagues JDP Portal. Leagues must still verify the volunteer’s application with a government-issued photo ID.

Therefore, any person in continuous contact with the player MUST complete a Volunteer Application and are subject to a NATIONWIDE background check. This is MANDATORY for all Little Leagues. This includes, but is not limited to: Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Volunteers, Volunteer Umpires, Hired Vendors, Parent Helpers.

Volunteer Applications can be done at the time of registration to start the background check process. For more information about how to do this or other related questions please email your concern to: [email protected]