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Apr, 2022

Join The Board of Directors and Annual Meeting

The Board of Directors is tasked with organizing and operating the League in such a way that conforms to all the regulations and rules set forth by Little League International. It takes a group of 15 dedicated individuals to manage all aspects of the organization...from relations with Anthem and the District comprised of surrounding Leagues; to creating and ordering the awards each player receives at the end of each season and many details in between. 

Ideally, the Board is comprised of parents and grandparents with players in ALL divisions and BOTH programs, to help keep a balanced perspective of player and family needs.

If you would like the opportunity to run for the HDLL board nomination forms must be received one week prior to the election to be placed on the ballot. You can find the nomination form attached to this email.

If you have any questions about serving on the Board, please reach out to any of the current BOD members. Their contact information can be found on the website here

Please check email for the nomination form or reach out to [email protected] for a copy of the nomination form.