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Apr, 2022

All-Stars Nominations and Tournament Information

Dear HDLL families,

It is time to begin the process of selecting our 2022 All-Stars teams! To be eligible, players must be league age 8 or older, and have participated in a minimum of 8 of his/her team's regular season games for all divisions and below.  

Available divisions to nominate for are shown below. Formation of teams depends on the number of nominations received (HDLL may not field a team at every level). If unsure of which team to nominate your player for, please refer to the suggestions noted in parenthesis next to each level. Actual team placement is determined by the All-Star Committee.


Juniors: League age 13-14 (Juniors division)

Little League:League ages 10-12 (Majors division players)

Minors:League ages 9-11 (Majors and Minors AAA division players)

Minors:League ages 8-10 (Majors, Minors AAA and AA division players)

TOPS:League ages 8-9 (Minors AAA, AA and Machine Pitch division players)


Minors:League ages 8-10 (Majors and Minors division players)

The nomination process is begun by a players' family.  No nominations are accepted by a coach or manager. Being an All-Star is a commitment for your family. Tryouts are tentatively scheduled to be held as early as May 15. Teams will likely be announced immediately following tryouts. Most teams will begin practicing right away. District tournaments begin as early as June 19 and, depending on the success of the team, can continue into August. The tournament dates are on the attached flyer for your reference.  Also attached is some additional information regarding post season tournament play that may be useful.  

Nominations can now be made via our website -- the same way you register for the regular season.The nomination window is scheduled to close on May 12, so be sure to get your player's nomination in soon!  Please talk with your player to see if he/she wants to be an All-Star.  If you have questions regarding at what level of play your child may be eligible or have concerns about your child "playing up," please contact the player agent(s) to discuss.  

The list of All-Stars teams will be posted in the concession stand shortly after tryouts.

NOTE:  There are fees associated with playing on an All Star team - the registration fee will not exceed $175.  There also could be out of state travel involved as teams continue advancing throughout the tournament(s) which will incur additional costs.    
Kristin Patrick
Player Agent